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Grocery Store Closing

Time is running out for gourmet grocer as owners mark down prices and consider earlier closing

3 Hubbell & Hudson Houston February 2014
The cheese and deli counter is already depleted at Hubbell & Hudson, which could close as soon as Saturday.  Photo by Eric Sandler
Hubbell & Hudson exterior day
Declining inventory in the store may lead to it closing as soon as March 1.  Photo courtesy of Hubbell & Hudson
4 Hubbell & Hudson Houston February 2014
The company continues to stock meat, produce and dairy items. Photo by Eric Sandler
2 Hubbell & Hudson Houston February 2014
Frozen foods are no longer being ordered.  Photo by Eric Sandler
3 Hubbell & Hudson Houston February 2014
Hubbell & Hudson exterior day
4 Hubbell & Hudson Houston February 2014
2 Hubbell & Hudson Houston February 2014

When Hubbell & Hudson first decided to close its market and cooking school in January, the store announced it would close March 12 or sooner. With the day rapidly approaching, the "or sooner" part is looking more and more likely. The store's marketing director Haydar Kustu tells CultureMap that store executives will meet March 1 to evaluate whether the store will close as soon as that date. 

Hubbell & Hudson has already stopped ordering dry goods and frozen foods but continues to order meat, dairy and produce, according to Kustu. That lack of inventory may be another reason for the market to shutter, but don't expect any deep discounts. "We are NOT going out of business, but changing our concept," Kustu writes in an email. "There will not be a 'fire sale' but sales opportunities to help us reduce the inventory even further. I recommend everyone to stay in touch with us on social media for our announcements."  

The company declined to confirm rumors that one of the reasons for moving up the date is that too many employees have already found new jobs and left the store.  

After the market closes, Hubbell & Hudson will convert a portion of the space into additional private dining rooms and a new chef's table to showcase Austin Simmons' cuisine. Those changes should be complete later this summer.

As for the rest, "the landlord (Black Forest Ventures) is pursuing some options on this space right now, in talks with some other restaurants and retail businesses who would like to set up shop here in the Waterway Avenue," Kustu writes.

Woodlands residents who want to stock up should hurry. Currently, the store has extended its 25 per cent employee discount to all customers, but time is running out.  

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