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The search for Houston housewives is No. 1 story of the week

The search for Houston housewives is No. 1 story of the week

Everyone seems interested in the possibility of a reality show about Houston's "housewives." Our exclusive report on filming around town for a possible series and the odds on who might be picked was, by far, the most viewed story of the week. We'll keep you posted on what happens.

Our editor's picks for stories that appeared on CultureMap the last week of May are an eclectic mix. Our story about Sarah Ferguson's travails made its way to the BBC and got the attention of producer Claudia Bradshaw, who found it fascinating and asked me to be panelist on the popular radio program, "World Have Your Say." I had more sympathy for Ferguson and less compassion for the British royal family than some of the other panelists. As I predicted, Ferguson will put her spin on the situation with an appearance on Oprah Tuesday.

We highlighted inventor Stephen Dvorak's quest to get someone at BP to look at his Super Quick Undersea Incident Device (SQUID), an invention that he claims can gather oil as it floats to the surface. Since the story appeared, Dvorak has gotten a slew of phone calls and appointments with interested parties, but still nothing from BP. Seems like the beleaguered oil company could use all the help it can get.

Two other interesting oil-related stories made the CultureMap pages. Steven Thomson was in the midst of protesters outside Chevron's annual meeting in downtown Houston while retired Shell Oil president John Hofmeister talked with Shelby Hodge about his new book, Why We Hate the Oil Companies, which explains the oil crisis in a way everyone can understand.

When Shelby wasn't interviewing top executives or the mayor, she was on the party circuit over the last five months. She just wrapped up her coverage of the winter/spring social swirl, so we gave her a night off. But she'll be around all summer to write on a wide variety of topics and offer scoops — she was the first to report on detailed plans for Audi Houston Fashion Week in October — before the social season heats up again in September.

Most viewed stories of the week of May 23-29:

1. Look out! The Real Housewives of Houston are coming! Producers quietly casting now

2. Say What? Texas finally gets an In-N-Out Burger, but it's near Dallas

3. Storms ahead? Houston weatherman competes for love on the new Bachelorette

4. Lost to the finish — Answers aren't series concluder's strong point , but oh the love

5. Taylor Swift turns Toyota Center into the ultimate schoolgirl slumber party

Editor's picks:

1. Houston's MacGyver begs BP to consider his oil spill solution — and gets put on hold

2. In the party fast lane, Houstonians kick up their heels and raise a ton for worthy causes

3. It's the great Chevron protest road show: Activists trail the oil giant to Houston

4. I always knew Sarah Ferguson was a money grubber, but I never thought she was a crook

5. Hating oil companies isn't a solution: John Hofmeister wants to change the way Americans look at oil companies

News_housewives candidates_Joyce Echols
Is Joyce Echols a prime candidate for a Houston housewives TV reality show? Photo by Jenny Antill
News_Sarah Ferguson_Duchess of York_green gown
Our story on Sarah Ferguson's travails got coverage on the BBC.
Events_Houston Children's Charity Gala Oct. 2009_Sue Smith_Lester Smith_Shelby Hodge
Shelby Hodge (shown here with Sue and Lester Smith) got the night off after five months of party coverage, but she's still got a lot to write about. Pete Baatz