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Saying sorry

O.b. makes another tampons error, but pulls off the best apology ever

When o.b. tampons disappeared from grocery store shelves in late 2010, I was distraught. 

I wasn't the only one: Women around the world wondered, complained and panicked. Loyal customers resorted to buying tampons on eBay, where a 40-count box (which usually retails at $7.99) sold for $119.

Thankfully, the applicator-less tampons returned to shelves in February 2011 — all except the o.b. Ultras, which were discontinued. Women were, again, distraught. 

The company has recently realized its error, and promises that the Ultras will return to shelves "by the second half of 2012."

In the meantime, o.b. has issued an apology in the form of the best marketing campaign ever. See it here

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