FotoFest art opening reception: "Collector's Eye: The Maloney Collection"

FotoFest art opening reception: "Collector's Eye: The Maloney Collection"
Dina Litovsky, Audience (Fashion Week, Paris), from the series Fashion Lust, 2013. Courtesy photo

Impressively broad in scope, the collection of James Edward Maloney contains a number of readily apparent themes: Modern masters, Czech photography, street photography and a number of individual artists that the collector has acquired in depth. Other timbres and correspondences in the collection emerge after close observation; tropes include the gaze, keen social commentary, socially alienated subjects, the human condition and form as conceptual content.

Maloney collects what he responds to and what he wants to live with, displaying each and every work he purchases. His acquisition decisions appear to be driven by a deep intuitive response to the images, as opposed to a strategy of following trends in the market. After some 30 years of following his instincts, the result is a remarkable collection of images that are often surprising and deeply resonant.

On view through Nov. 29.

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10.23.14 | 6:00 pm


2000 Edwards Street Building C, Suite 2
Houston, TX 77007


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