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Marene Gustin


Marene Gustin writes about Texas culture, food, fashion, the arts and even Lone Star politics and crime for magazines, newspapers and Web sites nationwide. She has more than 20 years experience as a print, television and Internet journalist. Her humorous Food for Thought column on CultureMap combines the inside scoop on Houston dining with perspectives you won't find anywhere else.

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Houston's Perfect Eggs

Houston's most perfect eggs: New Menil cafe chef reveals his hard-won secrets

By Marene Gustin

Ah, the egg: A perfect meatless protein found in almost every home and available to eat in a multitude of ways. The American Egg Board claims that one large egg ...

Cajun Charity

Cajun chain joins restaurant do-gooders changing Houston's late-summer dining scene

By Marene Gustin

 There’s more than one reason to eat at Ragin’ Cajun and its fancier sister LA Bar these days. Oh sure, there’s the crawfish and shrimp cooked in the ...

Sauce Up A Great Meal

Eating naked isn't all it's cracked up to be: How to really sauce up a great meal

By Marene Gustin

To sauce or not to sauce? A really good quality steak, properly cooked, should stand by itself. A nice Akaushi or Black Angus filet mignon really needs nothing more than ...

Foodie Fish Shocker

Foodie fish shocker: Why top restaurants are abandoning the ocean wild for . . . farming

By Marene Gustin

Have you seen the story on Tokyo’s famous Tsukiji fish market? CBS Sunday Morning first ran it back in March but reran it recently. It totally made me hungry ...

Houston's Best Summer Foods

Houston's best summer foods: These underrated delights stave off the food coma

By Marene Gustin

When I was little the taste of summer was mostly about ice-cold watermelon slices, Mom’s yellow mustard potato salad with cold fried chicken and Creamsicles. Now it’s about ...

Dogs & People Food

Gourmet people food and ice water are great for dogs — no matter what the Internet alarmists say

By Marene Gustin

This week's column has been hijacked by my dog. Hi. Fernando the Chihuahua here. I am writing because of the viral post circulating on social media that claims giving ...

Houston's Best Brunch Spots

Houston's Best Brunch spots: Top restaurants make breakfast and lunch a gourmet party

By Marene Gustin

Before moving to Houston, I'd probably been to a nail salon and valet parked but they certainly weren’t regular things. But they are now. As is Sunday brunch ...

Foodie School Lessons

Going to Foodie School: The best restaurant summer classes — from hot date hookups to grilling lessons

By Marene Gustin

Last week the Whataburger across the street was closed for remodeling. I thought I might starve to death. Not really, there were plenty of dining options. The First Monday of ...

Taking On Punky Food Writers

Old school Houston restaurants take a stand against young punk food writers: Bringing back the classics

By Marene Gustin

After my recent rant on old school eats Vallone’s posted a blog about its French onion soup. The meat stock is cooked for four days and although it sounds ...

Perfect Foodie Summer Plans

Your perfect foodie summer plan: The best books, food trucks, beer, food porn and crazy strong garlic bread

By Marene Gustin

The inside of my boho bag smells like garlic. The reason for this was a lunch at Giacomo’s Cibo e Vino where I ate a delicious plate of tortelli ...

Lost Restaurant Dishes

Great lost restaurant dishes that need to be brought back: Kill the gourmet mac and cheese for these

By Marene Gustin

While dining on some delicious baked oysters at Danton’s Gulf Coast Seafood Kitchen the other day, I began to think about why some classic dishes are found on a ...

Food for Thought

Liquid gold: Best places for chile con queso — the national snack food of Texas

By Marene Gustin

In honor of Cinco de Mayo — a Mexican holiday co-opted by white, yuppie Americans as a day to drink massive amounts of tequila — let’s all raise a corn chip ...

Horrid Restaurant Trend

New York restaurant trend of charging for bread absolutely stinks: Houston's best free bread rocks

By Marene Gustin

So, this is happening. At least in New York. According to this New York Times article, free bread and water are becoming a thing of the past at some New ...

Restaurant Horror Stories

Restaurant service horror stories and how one West Ave hot spot makes up for a bad waiter

By Marene Gustin

In all my years of eating out, thousands of times, hundreds of restaurants, the single worst experience was one I had at a Houston restaurant last year. And no, I ...

Restaurant Secrets

Restaurant secrets: Houston's top chefs open up on what drove them into the kitchen

By Marene Gustin

“For me cooking started as a necessity, grew to a core and developed into passion,” says Shannen Tune, executive chef at Hotel Derek. “I come from a family of great ...

Food for Thought

Eat, Read, Die: Authors use food (sometimes even a topped chef) as a novel way to solve a crime

By Marene Gustin

I read. A lot. I used to go to the library once a week and get four or five books and haul at least one of them around with me ...

Anything Goes Restaurants

Anything goes restaurants: The best places to eat at when you don't know what the hell you want

By Marene Gustin

Some days I know exactly what I want to eat and where I want to go to eat it. Then there are days when I really have no idea what ...

Food for Thought

Houston's best restaurant potatoes: Stop crucifying the spud and embrace the latest health "danger"

By Marene Gustin

What do potatoes taste like? Seriously, have you ever eaten a plain potato? No salt, no flavorings, no nothing. Just a starchy, white tuber. I suppose if I were Audrey ...

Food for Thought

Why American grocery store ham is a gross travesty: And where you can find the true good stuff

By Marene Gustin

What the heck is wrong with American supermarket ham? Well, pretty much everything. I’ve never been a fan of ham. I love bacon (who doesn’t?), and a crispy-skinned ...

Top Chef Lessons

Lessons from Houston's top sushi restaurant: Don't you dare call it Chicken of the Sea!

By Marene Gustin

Growing up the only tuna I ever ate came in a can. My mother used to make tuna casserole about once a week using Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup ...

All articles by this author.  249 Results. Showing 1 to 20
Page 1 of 13

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