• Chef Hugo Ortega of Hugo's
    Photo by Terri Fensel
  • David Cater of Utility Research Garden

  • A Karenni artisan using a backstrap loom
    Photo by Jane Foster
  • Woven works by the Karenni (Burmese) artisans
    Photo by Melissa Yan
  • A Bhutanese Nepali artisan knitting
    Photo by Melissa Yan
  • The Community Cloth's latest model for the Bhutanese dog sweaters
    Photo by Roxanne McCauley Paiva

Tonight & Next Wednesday: A good cause & a private peek

War refugees woven into Houston's Community Cloth

  • Janice Schindeler, center, assists customers at her "Words & Food" booth atUrban Harvest Farmers' Market.
  • The Vietnamese women delicately take bites with perfect chopstick etiquette.
  • A Nigerian woman laughed her head off at me as I diligently peeled a mango formy son. “In Nigeria,” she explained, “we eat mango like apple – skin and all."

  • Rebecca Rather cooks up chile rellenos
    Photo by Laurie Smith © 2009
  • Layered salad in individual servings come in canning jars. Add salad dressing,shake and it's ready to eat.
    Photo by Laurie Smith © 2009
  • Photo by Laurie Smith © 2009

Rave 'n' Rant

This Pastry Queen is Rather sweet

  • Janice Schindeler, right, with daughter Elle Crofton and friend/former Houstonresident Ann Gehin, bundle up at Icebar CPH, Copenhagen.
  • The empty duty-free bar in Heathrow airport — the only empty bar in England
  • Exhausted travelers sleeping in Heathrow airport
  • At last, Janice found something to eat at Gordon Ramsey's Plane Food restaurant
  • Ice shots at Icebar CPH, Copenhagen