Here's who should play the Houston Astros stars if they made a movie

Here's who should play the Houston Astros stars if they made a movie

Houston, Astros Jose Altuve and Michael Pena lookalikes, November 2017
Actor Michael Pena would make a good Jose Altuve in the movie version of the Houston Astros' World Series run. Photo courtesy of AP/

The ups and the downs of the Houston Astros' World Series run was enough to keep Houstonians on the edge of their seats. All the drama that came with the ultimate high of winning, would make a great movie.

But who would portray your favorite Astros? Here are a few casting ideas to get the ball rolling.

Michael Pena as Jose Altuve
Major League Baseball Player of the Year and American League Outstanding Player Award for the second straight season, Jose Altuve, often shows fans his silly side, especially when he gets his groove on in the bullpen. Actor Michael Pena, only an inch taller than Altuve, has been in several comedies, including 2017's Chips with Dax Shepard, so he can nail the second baseman's funny personality. The real question is: can he dance?

Luke Wilson as Justin Verlander
Justin Verlander could fit right in at the Wilson family reunion. And his doppelganger, Luke Wilson, knows a little something about dating a gorgeous blonde. He starred as Emmett, alongside Reese Witherspoon, in Legally Blonde.

Colton Haynes as Alex Bregman
Blue eyes? Baby face? Check and check. If you think Colton Haynes can't handle the raunchy comedy of Alex Bregman, then you haven't seen Rough Night. In one scene, Hayes strips down to a laminated, royal blue sparkle-thong.

Steve Howey as Dallas Keuchel
Add a beard and Steve Howey, of Showtime's Shameless, could be Cy Young Award winning pitcher Dallas Keuchel's twin. It wouldn't the first time Howey played a Houston athlete. He starred as a University of Houston football player in the television show, Reba.

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