Brasserie stays put

Don't believe the rumors: River Oaks restaurant that's a fave of boldface names isn't moving

Don't believe the rumors: Restaurant fave of society set isn't moving

News_Brasserie 19_exterior_sign
Brasserie 19 isn't moving, Grant Cooper promises. Photo via Brasserie 19/Facebook
Brandi Key, Grant Cooper, Charles Clark at SaltAir
Clark Cooper culinary director Brandi Key with partners Grant Cooper and Charles Clark. Photo by Shelby Hodge
Houston Local Pour River Oaks, September 2017
Local Pour closed earlier this year to make way for the construction. Courtesy of Local Pour Facebook
News_Brasserie 19_exterior_sign
Brandi Key, Grant Cooper, Charles Clark at SaltAir
Houston Local Pour River Oaks, September 2017

Grant Cooper, one of the owners of restaurant group Clark Cooper Concepts — the company behind Brasserie 19, Ibiza, Coppa Osteria, and others — has heard all the rumors that the beginning of construction on The Driscoll at River Oaks, Weingarten Realty’s 30-story luxury high rise, means Brasserie 19 has plans to relocate. He’s ready to set the record straight.

“People assume we’re moving. We’re not,” Cooper tells CultureMap. “Brasserie will always be at that location. That’s the home for Brasserie. That’s where it should be.”

Cooper says that he and business partner Charles Clark have working with Weingarten for a year to prepare for the construction and mitigate its effects. Just as Coppa Osteria maintained operations while construction took place nearby, Cooper is confident Brasserie 19’s patrons won’t be inconvenienced. 

Towards that end, the construction will be surrounded by a large wall to prevent any debris from reaching the parking lot. The restaurant’s access to West Gray will be maintained throughout the project. Work will end by 5 or 6 pm every night so that the only noise during dinner is from lively conversation.

“When they put this project on their board to do this high rise one of our big concerns was to not have it affect Brasserie, which is an anchor tenant,” Cooper says. “It’s been a big draw for the center.”

Expect being able to walk to Brasserie to be part of the Driscoll's appeal. Cooper says the restaurant remains Clark Cooper's No. 1 restaurant, despite efforts from competitors like establishments in River Oaks District and recent arrivals like A’Bouzy to draw away its crowd of boldface names.

Two other establishments will be affected. Cafe Ginger has plans to relocate down the street to West Gray and Dunlavy. Local Pour, which closed earlier this year, is still looking for a new location.

Despite the company’s recent shuttering of SaltAir Seafood Kitchen, Cooper affirms that he and Clark are always working on new projects.

“I’ll let you know when the time is right,” Cooper says. “We’re always looking at different things. We always have four or five things we’re working at 75 percent.”

Whether or not any those reach 100, one thing is certain. Brasserie 19 will be serving oysters, champagne, and steak frites in its current location for the foreseeable future.