No Dinner at Revival

Heights gourmet restaurant ends dinner experiment to concentrate on private events

Heights gourmet food store and restaurant ends dinner experiment

Revival Market dinner
Revival Market will stop serving dinner effective November 1. Photo by Eric Sandler

Revival Market's five-month-long experiment in offering dinner service has come to an end. Partners Morgan Weber and Ryan Pera announced Friday that the gourmet food store and restaurant will be a breakfast and lunch-only affair beginning November 1.

Instead, the partners will seek to utilize the space for private events under their newly launched Agricole Hospitality brand.

"This wasn't an easy decision for us," Pera said in a statement. "We were committed to a family-oriented bistro with well-sourced foods, but there hasn't been the supper demand that we expected. Meanwhile, the requests for us to continue popular neighborhood events such as our butchery and cooking classes, to resume the fine dining series, and to do private dinner parties have continued unabated.

"We have been turning down private event opportunities on a weekly basis because we don’t like to close the restaurants to our regular diners. This direction makes the most sense for us and the neighborhood.”

The space also never had the opportunity to serve alcohol, which might have helped draw additional diners. That won't be a problem at Agricole's soon-to-open icehouse 8-Row Flint, which has secured a liquor license and will have a full bar. 

Diners who have private events at Revival Market will be able to choose from its signature charcuterie plates, pastas and vegetable dishes from sister concept Coltivare as well as tacos from 8-Row Flint. Newly promoted general manager Layne Cruz adds that she's looking forward to working with clients select on casual parties, formal sit down affairs and even cooking classes.