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Global Instagram boba tea sensation bubbles up with new Houston locale

Global Instagram boba tea sensation bubbles up with new Houston locale

Tiger Sugar Tea
Tiger Sugar arrives in Houston next month. Photo courtesy of Tiger Sugar Tea

Houstonians have an almost infinite array of choices when it comes to boba tea, but a new entry looks poised to shake things up. Tiger Sugar will open its Houston location on Saturday, November 7, the company announced

The tea shop will be located at Bellaire Food Street, the ultra-hip Chinatown center that's home to a number of global brands, including cream puff bakery Beard Papa's, Korean coffee shop Tom N Toms, and South Korean corn dog purveyor Two Hands Seoul Fresh Corn Dogs. 

Founded in Taiwan in 2017, Tiger Sugar has become a global sensation thanks to its signature caramelized brown sugar milk. Unlike most boba drinks, Tiger Sugar uses milk, rather than tea, as its starting point; tapioca balls that have been cooked in brown sugar syrup and more brown sugar syrup add a creamy, decadent flavor. Tiger Sugar also serves a version of the drink made with either black or green tea, as well as other tea-based beverages.

The drink has become an Instagram sensation courtesy of its signature "tiger stripes" of syrup that ooze down the cup in a photogenic way. Make sure to snap the picture quickly; they'll disappear after a drinker gives the tea a good shake to integrate the syrup into the beverage.  

Locations have popped across Asia and America, including Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, and the Dallas suburb of Carrollton. Expect a socially distanced line for the opening, as people flock to taste the original and compare it to their favorite spots around town.


Teresa Gubbins contributed to this story.