Montrose Mining Company Closes

'Times have changed:' Iconic Montrose gay bar suddenly shutters

'Times have changed:' Iconic Montrose gay bar suddenly shutters

Montrose Mining Company
Montrose Mining Company has closed.  Montrose Mining Company/Facebook

As Montrose continues to evolve, once beloved neighborhood institutions close and become something new. Lesbian bar Chance's became Underbelly, and iconic gay bar Mary's turned into Blacksmith. Porn shops become barbecue joints or upscale French restaurants.

Fresh off the news earlier this week that the Texas Junk Company will close at the end of September comes news that legendary gay bar Montrose Mining Company has closed. The bar published the following statement to Facebook:

We sincerely appreciate Houston’s support of The Montrose Mining Company for the past 36 years. The Montrose Mining Company was the first Houston Levi/Leather gay (GLBTQ) cruise bar on Pacific Street with an amazing sound system, cheap drinks and an oversized covered patio. However, with the changing times we recognize the concept is gone; times have changed. This makes it all the more important to close The Montrose Mining Company to allow time to work with architects and designers to bring Houston’s gay (GLBTQ) community a new concept at 805 Pacific Street that we’re really excited about in the upcoming 18 months.

During the 1970s throughout the 1980s, and 1990s the Montrose Mining Company was visited by guests from around the world.

None of this would have been possible without The Mining Company’s staff and each of your support. Again, THANK YOU Houston for an amazing 36 years!

CultureMap editor-in-chief Clifford Pugh notes that MMC was once known for its lively Sunday night gatherings and booming disco soundtrack, which the DJ sold as cassettes. "I always wished it had a dance floor, but it didn't. It did have a great fenced-in side patio where you could stand and watch the boys go from bar to bar," he recalls.