Another Montrose fixture bites the dust

With Chances gone, where will the lesbians go?

With Chances gone, where will the lesbians go?

News_Chances_sign_Nov 2010
The last sign of Chances gave thanks Courtesy of Chances
The lesbian-friendly bar was often crowded. Where will patrons to next? Courtesy of JSL/Chances
News_Chances_Lindsay Lohan_free_sign
Chances was known for its humorous signs Photo by Craig Hlavaty
News_Chances_sign_Nov 2010
News_Chances_Lindsay Lohan_free_sign

Last Saturday, Chances closed its doors for good after 16 years, with a sign that said "Thanks for the Mammaries." An upscale restaurant spearheaded by a yet-to-be-identified “superstar chef” (Chef Boyardee? Alfredo Linguini from Ratatouille?) will reportedly occupy the building once famous as a lesbian-friendly dance club.

Is lower Westheimer becoming a hotspot for fine dining? There’s already Hugo’s, Mark’s, Da Marco, and Feast on the busy street, along with Indika, Dolce Vita, Michelangelo's, Josephine's Bistro and a revamped Ruggle's Grill. The new Tex-Mex eatery from Bryan Caswell and Robb Walsh is destined for the old Hollywood Video space and a trendy restaurant from hot Austin chef Tyson Cole is planned for the old Felix location.

Another trendy eatery won’t hurt the ‘Trose, but Chances will be dearly missed. The bar offered a unique set-up with themed dance rooms including Chances Proper, also known as the front bar; The Barn, which played authentic country music for two-stepping lovers; and The G-Spot known for glow-sticks, go-go dancers, and a dj spinning hiphop.

Chances fan Jessica Toy remembers, "The G-Spot room was completely insane. The only rule was you couldn't climb up on the bar. I saw some hotties learn that the hard way."

Chances was the only club inside the loop catering directly to the lesbian community. So now where will its patrons go?


The Hazard bridge over 59
The SoMo (South Montrose) crew has already claimed the Graustark bridge, colloquially dubbed "Club Bridge." However, the Hazard bridge is still up for grabs.
Pros: Roomy, trendy concrete floors.
Cons: Open to the elements, is a bridge.

Soon-to-open coffee shop "Black Hole"
If the lezzies come in large numbers they could easily claim it their own.
Pros: Clean slate, no crowd of “regulars” who have called dibs on it.
Cons: Close to Club Bridge (Graustark Overpass) which could lead to rival gang fights, closes at midnight, unlikely to be dance-y.

Katz's sounds like "cat" and lesbians like cats... I think. Actually, maybe not. Still, this 24-hour deli is only a few blocks from Chances.
Pros: Never closes, excellent stairwell for “doing stairs” (a workout popular among sporty lezzies).
Cons: Limited vegetarian options, already frequented by bro-types that lesbians deem far from ideal company.