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Fresh food truck rolls out hassle-free home delivery service for Houstonians

Fresh food truck rolls out new home delivery service for Houstonians

Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Grit's no-subscription service makes home delivery easier. Photo by Emily Jaschke
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
All goods are locally sourced. Photo by Emily Jaschke
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Start with fresh items like these... Photo by Emily Jaschke
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston cook a meal like this.  Photo by Emily Jaschke
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Grit Grocers also delivers beer and wine.  Photo by Emily Jaschke
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston
Grit Grocery home delivery Houston

Residents in The Heights and the Museum District might be familiar with Grit Grocery’s truck, which regularly delivers organic, locally sourced products on the weekends. But the feedback they have had from customers was that they needed more. And so they delivered — literally.

“Delivery now allows us to serve all of Houston,” says co-founder Dustin Windham.

Grit Grocery’s hook for Houstonians has always been its combination of fresh ingredients, sourced, Windham says, from about a hundred-mile radius of the city whenever possible, and its ready-to-make meal kits that consist of meats and produce.

In launching the delivery service, Grit Grocery wanted to keep the fresh-and-local part of the business, and add a few other differentiators to distinguish it from meal kit services or other grocery delivery: Grit Grocery curates every item it offers and customers don’t need to sign up for a subscription.

Curated meals to go
“You can get your groceries from Instacart or HEB, but there’s no curation,” Windham says. “You’re selecting that list. We’re curating and creating meal bundles so you can quickly solve a meal solution problem, but you can also buy a la carte.”

Meal bundles might include selections like snapper and couscous with greens for a quick midweek dinner, or shrimp and grits with Brazos Valley Gouda cheese that can be a brunch highlight. Peaches, poblano peppers, pre-cut beets, and rainbow chard are among the extensive produce list, while Liberty Provisions ground beef and Three Sister Farms smoked pork sausage are among the options for meats and seafood.

The offers change daily, based on what’s available from Grit Grocery’s providers. Grit Grocery also offers same-day service; orders placed before 4 pm will be delivered the same day between 6 pm and 9 pm, and any over that’s over $30 gets delivered for free.

Beer and wine, too
“It’s really the best of the best,” co-founder Emily Jaschke says. “And the beauty of it is that we are delivery local products. So that saves the consumer from going out to the butcher or driving out to the farm, going to the baker, going to the wine shop.”

Grit Grocery also offers wine and beer. They’re offering beer from Eureka Heights, Saint Arnold and 8th Wonder, and wine from Perdernales Cellars in Fredericksburg — as well as a selection of organic and biodynamic wines from further afield.

Grit Grocery also encourages its customers to share their cooking experiences on social media. While the company does send recipes for its products, it loves it when people put their own creative spin on it. Maybe one person grilled the pork chops, while someone else made an easy, spicy marinade. Naturally, those tweaks are easily found on Grit Grocery's Instagram under #gritinspo.

“Flexibility is the key to how we’re different,” says Windham. “And we love that we’ve received a lot of feedback about what we’re doing, and we’ve had a lot of interest.”


Over Memorial Day weekend, Grit Grocery is offering a Memorial Day Delivery Party that will serve six people. The bundle includes burgers with all the fixings, a farm fresh salad, a six-pack of 8th Wonder Dome Faux’m and two can of House wine. And while the operation’s truck will not be at its usual Museum District and Heights locations over the weekend, delivery is offered Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

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