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What's Eric Eating Episode 145

Tapping in to a crafty Houston brewery, plus dining out a River Oaks hot spot

Tapping in to a crafty Houston brewery, plus dining out in River Oaks

Holler Brewing Co. is well-positioned to survive.  Photo courtesy of Holler Brewing

On this week's episode of "What's Eric Eating," John Holler joins CultureMap food editor Eric Sandler to discuss Holler Brewing Co., the business he co-founded with his wife Kathryn. Since 2016, Holler has been serving draft beer from its taproom in Sawyer Yards, earning fans for its staples brews and a willingness to experiment with niche styles like rauchbier and English mild.

Being a draft-only brewery means that Holler lost almost all of its distribution channels when governmental restrictions closed both its taproom and the bars it sells, too. Despite that, Holler says his business remains debt free and is in a good position to recover now that it can reopen. 

The conversation covers a number of other topics, including those occasions when Holler says he's made the difficult decision to dump a batch of beer that doesn't meet his quality standards. When making those decisions, he refers to the brewery's Brock Wagner test, named for the founder of Saint Arnold Brewing Co.

"We would say, for any beer before you decide to sell it, would you be proud to serve that to Brock Wagner? I don't know why he would, but if he decided to come in here and try our beer, would you be nervous to serve that beer to Brock Wagner? Or would you be proud? If you have to question it or you're nervous about it, you dump that beer down the drain," Holler says.

Prior to the interview, co-host Felice Sloan joins Sandler to discuss the news of the week. Their topics include: Acme Oyster House's plans to open in Montrose; the imminent closings of Dolce Vita, Dak & Bop in the Museum District, and Treebeards in Market Square; and the personnel changes at Weights + Measures.

In the restaurants of the week segment, Sloan recounts her recent to-go experience from Chick Houz, chef Roberto Castre's recently opened Peruvian chicken restaurant. Sandler shares his recent dine-in experience at Brasserie 19 as well as a to-go meal from Rosie Cannonball


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