a cherry bomb downtown

New '80s-themed bar promises a totally rad dance fest downtown

New '80s-themed bar promises a totally rad dance fest downtown

Cherry nightclub downtown interior
Yes, that's a mirrorball unicorn. Photo by Michael Anthony

Downtown Houston's newest nightclub takes revelers back to the days of neon hues, acid-washed jeans, and Members Only jackets. Cherry debuts on Friday, May 7. 

Located in the former Nightingale Room space at 308 Main St., Cherry is the latest concept from the Hospitable Viking, known for Montrose rooftop bar Rosemont and downtown clubs The Commoner/Boulevardier.

The interior has been given a comprehensive makeover with tons of fun details. Painting of '80s icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, and Prince adorn the walls. The floor is zebra print, and a mirrorball unicorn rotates above the dance floor.

"Cherry is an all-night dance party featuring an era of songs you can’t help wanting to sing – or scream – along to," Hospitable Viking president Carson Hager said in a statement. "An ode to a wild time of garish excess, it’s the perfect escape at a juncture when people are finally able to reconnect."

Downstairs features banquettes with tables shaped like vinyl records and vintage TVs showing classic videos and '80s shows. The upstairs mezzanine houses a VIP area complete with "grab-and-play electric guitars," according to a release.

Drink options include a range of '80s-themed cocktails like the Raspberry Beret ( whipped vodka with fresh, muddled raspberries and pineapple juice) and champagne bottle service. As Hager notes, people are ready to go out and have fun.

"It’s certainly time to dance again, and we’re hoping to bring the party back to its rightful place in downtown, which has an edge and a personality you just can’t find in other areas of the city,” Hager stated.