Trucks are Back

Food trucks triumphantly roll back into popular EaDo patio bar after lengthy suspension

Food trucks triumphantly roll back into popular EaDo bar after ban

Truck Yard trucks
Food trucks have returned to Truck Yard. Courtesy photo
Truck Yard bar
The trucks are back in time for patio weather. Courtesy photo
Truck Yard karaoke container
The bar has a new karaoke room. Courtesy photo
Truck Yard trucks
Truck Yard bar
Truck Yard karaoke container

Is a Truck Yard without trucks just a yard? The question has been relevant for the past six months or so, as a dispute with the City of Houston caused the popular EaDo patio bar to suspend having food trucks on-site. 

Although it continued to operate as a bar — and serve cheesesteaks from the Steak Me Home Tonight ordering window — part of the bar's whole premise had been undermined. With patio weather set to return, Truck Yard needed to resolve the issue and bring back the trucks.

Thankfully, this existential crisis has been rendered a moo point. Truck Yard has come into compliance with regulations by removing the walls and roof of its food truck area. Beginning Friday, February 22, trucks will once again be parked at Truck Yard for both lunch and dinner. 

Here's the opening weekend lineup:

  • February 22: El Guajillo and Muiishi Markirritos
  • February 23: Twisted Catfish and Coreanos
  • February 24: Wokker and Rich Boy Po Boys

In addition to food trucks, the bar now also features a dedicated karaoke trailer. Sing away for a $25 rental fee and certain drink minimums. It's available to be reserved in advance or spur-of-the-moment when the mood to sing strikes.

“There’s a lot to be excited about at Truck Yard,” proprietor Jason Boso said in a statement. “If you’re a regular, now we’ve got even more to offer. And if you’ve been looking for a reason to visit, now’s the time. With food trucks back in the yard serving a varied menu of delicious offerings, the fun new Karaoke Container ready to host your group, plus great drinks and friendly staff, Truck Yard is the place to be.”