What's in My Beauty Bag

Model/actress Brooklyn Decker reveals her must-have makeup essentials

Model/actress Brooklyn Decker reveals her must-have makeup essentials

Brooklyn Decker
Brooklyn Decker shares her go-to beauty products, makeup routine, and more. Photo by Jeff Lipsky
Tarte cosmetics lip tint
Tarte's lip tints are a favorite of the actress. Tarte Cosmetics/Facebook
Becca Cosmetics skin perfector
Decker pats Becca's skin perfector on her cheeks and forehead for a post-workout glow. Becca Cosmetics/Facebook
Brooklyn Decker
Tarte cosmetics lip tint
Becca Cosmetics skin perfector

In today's world, women research fashion magazines, beauty blogs, and celebrity testimonials to learn about the best rouge lipsticks, glittery bronzers, lengthening mascara, miracle-working face creams, and more. And who could blame them? In a competitive market saturated by too many products and too many promises, it helps to know what is actually worth applying to our faces.

If you’re looking to revamp and refresh your powder-smeared, overstuffed makeup bag, you're in the right place. We spoke with Austin-based actress Brooklyn Decker (Grace and FrankieResultsJust Go With It) to find out her tried-and-true beauty tricks, favorite brands, skincare routines, and more. And while we probably won't wake up pulling off a look like she does every day, that didn't stop us from peeking into her coveted beauty bag.

CultureMap: What is your beauty mantra and how do you embrace it?

Brooklyn Decker: I’m definitely a less-is-more person. Lies! I'm just lazy. I’m usually at home changing diapers or running out of the house to get to set, so I just carry around lipstick, mascara, and concealer for that post-pregnancy acne.

CM: Let’s say I'm looking through your makeup bag. What would I find?

BD: My splurge is my La Prairie mascara. I love a balmy, thick matte lipstick like Bite BeautyLucas' Pawpaw ointment is something I discovered in Australia, and it works for everything from lip balm to scar treatment.

CM: Are there any brands or products you swear by?

BD: Kiehl’s recovery concentrate because I’m constantly trying to replenish my skin because I always feel dehydrated from traveling. Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser has done wonders on my zit-prone skin. Proactiv+ refining mask works great as a spot treatment. My zits go away overnight.

CM: What are your top five makeup goods?

BD: BECCA shimmering skin perfector in rose gold. If I pat this on my cheekbones and temples, I can fool people into thinking I have a post-workout glow. RMS beauty cream eye polish in magnetic, too. I just smudge this all over my lid and underneath my lash line. I use Koh Gen Do foundation to cover any redness. I love a red lip, so I’ll do Tarte LipSurgence in fiery. I also use Anastasia brow pencil.

CM: Describe your morning beauty routine.

BD: Wake up. Wipe the boogers out of my eyes. Remove any spot treatment I slept in. Hope for the best! Beauty has become so much more high-maintenance these days. For the first time in my life I got adult acne at 26 years old, and that was a real game-changer. Regardless, I love trying new wacky trends, and as I've gotten older I definitely feel more emboldened to experiment.

CM: Who are your beauty icons?

BD: Lauren Hutton. She really has that no-makeup-but-really-wearing-makeup look down to a science. I also love Khloe Kardashian because who doesn't? I can see how those would seem contradictory.

CM: Skincare continues to be one of the hot topics in beauty. What is your routine?

BD: Mario Badescu enzyme cleanser is really helping my skin lately. I also love iS Clinical active serum because it helps clear out my skin. I love a good oil at night, either Sunday Riley or Kiehl’s nighttime recovery. They magically moisturize, while healing any spots or discolorations.

CM: What beauty era is inspiring you at the moment?

BD: The early ‘70s, always. Like a Sharon Tate vibe. She experimented with trippy looks, but always pulled off that effortless, natural vibe.

CM: Okay, you're in a rush and you only have five minutes to throw on a face. What is your go-to look?  

BD: A red or purple lip with a strong brow. Bold, cool, yet still really natural. If nothing else, at least it's distracting enough to hide the fact that you don't have anything else on.