october on the rooftop

Houston's Rooftop Cinema Club scares up new Halloween lineup with dog-friendly nights and more

Houston's Rooftop Cinema Club scares up frightful new Halloween lineup

Rooftop Cinema Club Houston night skyline
Scare up some fun on the rooftop this October.  Photo by Rooftop Cinema Club Houston

If the return of pumpkin spice lattes and masses of candy, costumes, and decorations in stores are any indicator, Houston is gearing up for Halloween.

Now, the city’s only rooftop cinema club has released its new lineup perfect for locals to get spooked while enjoying scenic Post Oak skyline views.

Rooftop Cinema Club Uptown’s new schedule kicks off October 4 at the popular BLVD Place locale in Uptown. Guests who show up in their best Halloween costumes at any October showing will be treated to free candy to enjoy while they watch seasonal flicks, another favorite, and even dog-friendly “Wooftop” screenings.

This new schedule runs (appropriately) through October 31 with tickets now on sale; some screenings are already sold out, according to the cinema. As is the case with the club, themed nights abound, including:

  • Grease Sing-Along: October 4
  • Wooftop Cinema Club” (dogs invited and must be cleaned up after and leashed) featuring Ratatouille and Jurassic Park: October 9 and 22
  • Open-caption screenings (for deaf and hard-of-hearing guests) featuring Coming to America, Beetlejuice, and Hocus Pocus: October 9, 15, and 25
  • Back to the Future Day (which marks the day of Marty's fateful trip in Doc's DeLorean): October 21
  • Scream double bill (back-to-back billing of Scream and Scream 2 with discounts available for second screening): October 28
  • People’s Choice — Stephen King (guests vote online for the King film to feature): October 29

Naturally, all this culminates with Halloween weekend with screenings starting October 30 with favorites including Monsters, Inc., Practical Magic, a late-night screening of The Exorcist, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and, natch, the original Halloween from 1978.

Tickets (find them here) include a single lounge seat with or without popcorn, a new beanbag option with popcorn, or an Adirondack chair that comes with popcorn and a side table to share starting at $17.50 for adults and $13.50 for kids under 12 during matinee screenings, per a release.

Here is the October movie lineup:

October 4: Grease; Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

October 5: La La Land; A Quiet Place Part II

October 6: Cruella; A Nightmare on Elm Street

October 7: E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial; Urban Cowboy; House Party

October 8: The Goonies; Love Jones; The Great Gatsby

October 9: Ratatouille; Hocus Pocus; Coming to America

October 10: The Sandlot; Black Panther; Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

October 11: Pretty Woman; Zombieland

October 12: Poetic Justice; Step Brothers

October 13: A Quiet Place Part II; Get Out

October 14: Corpse Bride; Cruella; Donnie Darko

October 15: The Nightmare Before Christmas; Beetlejuice; Blade

October 16: Space Jam; The Princess Bride; Top Gun; The Thing

October 17: Night at the Museum; Hocus Pocus; Death Becomes Her

October 18: The Notebook; The Lost Boys

October 19: Ghost; Texas Chain Saw Massacre

October 20: Clue; Child's Play

October 21: Back to the Future; Hocus Pocus; Candyman

October 22: The Addams Family; Jurassic Park; Friday The 13th

October 23: Paranorman; Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone; Beetlejuice; Poltergeist

October 24: Casper; Labyrinth; The Rocky Horror Picture Show

October 25: Hocus Pocus; It

October 26: Edward Scissorhands; Carrie

October 27: The Craft; Eve's Bayou

October 28: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets; Scream; Scream 2

October 29: Coraline; T.B.D. (People’s Choice); Tales From The Crypt: Demon Knight

October 30: Monsters, Inc.; Halloweentown; Practical Magic; The Exorcist (theatrical cut)

October 31: The Nightmare Before Christmas; Hocus Pocus; Halloween