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Houstonians can rappel down a Post Oak hotel for a worthy local cause

Houstonians can rappel down a Post Oak hotel for a worthy local cause

Over the Edge Galleria Houston Women's Home
Get Over the Edge and scale a building this Saturday for a worthy cause.  Photo courtesy of Over the Edge

UPDATE: Thanks to overwhelming demand (especially from CultureMap readers), Houston young professionals can now rappel for half the entry free. 

“We’re excited to share that, due to popular demand, we are opening a $500 fundraising rappelling level for young professionals ages 25 to 40,” Julie Comiskey of the Women’s Home tells CultureMap. “New rappelers will have until May 31 to raise the funds but will still be eligible to rappel this Saturday.”


Calling all civic-minded, philanthropic, and thrill-seeking Houstonians: a local charity needs the adventurous and charitable to scale a building — for a good cause, of course.

Turning the typical fundraising luncheon, gala, or virtual event on its ear, The Women’s Home is opting to send locals “Over the Edge” to raise funds for its mission to help area women in pivotal life assistance.

Those ready to live out their SEAL Team fantasies can descend on the 26-story DoubleTree Galleria building on Saturday, May 1. Entry donations start at $1,000 to rappel down the 250-foot hotel.

The daredevil event is a “leap of faith” (nicely done) in effort to mix up the usual fundraising activity, Julie Comiskey, The Women’s Home chief development officer, tells CultureMap.

“We were looking for something that would be different and be challenging,” she says. “It’s a chance to get outside and do something different — and it allows for social distancing.”

For locals who are a little reticent to leave the confines of the ground and rope down a tall structure, the Women’s Home is offering a “Chicken Coop” option to donate $1,000 without having to slide down the hotel wall. The nonprofit is accepting donations through May.

Comiskey says there is a palpable buzz for the May 1 event: fundraising so far can cover the full yearly expenses of two Women’s Home clients. She and some Women’s Home staff also plan to join wall descenders. “I’m kind of a daredevil and so is our CEO,” she laughs.

So, does the do-gooding daredevil have any advice for participants (such as, say, this particular writer who will rappel on Saturday)? “Wear comfortable clothing, have fun,” she says, “and don’t look down.”