• Jay-Z and Kanye on stage together.
  • Kanye West performs with a full marching band for "All of the Lights."
  • Kanye West on the mic and John Legend on the keys
  • Pole dancers perform

Where to go, what to see

SXSW: Your plan of attack

  • Austin will be overflowing with people during SXSW. You don't want to bring yourcar anywhere near downtown.
  • You do want to find a way to hang around with the band after the games.

  • OK, she's mostly just crazy flexible, but the premise still applies.
  • No matter who you take a chance on dating, there's no chance she'll be as crazyas your ex-girlfriend. Really ...

The Do's and Don't of Love

Why you should date the "crazy girl" after all

  • Heidi, the Leipzig zoo opossum, has crossed eyes due to fatty deposits. She isnow on a diet. But not from predicting.
    Photo by Sebastian Willnow/AP
  • Heidi failed to predict "The King's Speech" to win Best Picture, but she nailedNatalie Portman and Colin Firth.