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Pie Madness! People wait in long lines — outside in the cold and rain — to secure Thanksgiving treats

Pie madness! People wait outside in rain, cold for Thanksgiving treats

line for Thanksgiving pies at the Flying Saucer November 2013
KHOU reporter Vicente Arenas captured this early morning photo of people in line, braving the wet and cold, for a Flying Saucer Thanksgiving pie.  Photo by Vicente Arenas/KHOU 11 News

We've all done it: Stand in line for tickets, food, drinks . . . even at cash registers, especially during holiday shopping. Some of us (me included) even stood in line for Astrodome turf or stadium seats at the recent sale and auction.

But what about standing in line, in wet, dreary, 40-degree weather, for a piece of pie? Literally, a piece of pie.

Thanksgiving traditionalists and loyal customers alike are doing that right now, and have been since early this morning, to secure their just desserts from Flying Saucer Pie Company. Bundled in double and triple layers, holding on to billowing umbrellas and undoubtedly enduring soggy feet, the brave folks are determined not to end their Thanksgiving meal with, well, a last bite of cranberry sauce.

Vicente Arenas captured the "action" with the photo above, reporting:

"Rain or shine...hot or cold! The annual Thanksgiving pie line at the Flying Saucer is already under way. Those pies are tasty, but do you think they're worth a two-day wait in the cold???"

Brrrrr! Your thoughts?

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