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Beyoncé's fave restaurant and gun activists' target headline week's top stories

Beyoncé's fave restaurant and gun activists' target are top stories

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Gun activists targeted Pi Pizza after the restaurant decided to ban concealed carry from its premises. Courtesy photo

It's time to recap the most popular stories on CultureMap from this past week:

1. Social media frenzy: Gun activists target acclaimed pizza shop over concealed carry law. Pi Pizza found itself on the receiving end of a modern phenomenon when guns rights activists bombarded its Facebook, Yelp, and Google pages with one-star reviews over the restaurant’s decision to ban concealed carry from its premises. But Pi's partner Lee Ellis fought back.

2. Travel mag selects three Texas restaurants for list of world's 207 best meals. Two of the three Texas entries on the list were no surprise, but the third is relatively unknown.

3. Where's the beef? Beyoncé and Jay Z chow down during stop at popular H-Town steakhouse. It seems that the beef and other dishes at B&B Butchers & Restaurant have won the devotion of Queen Bey.

4. Finally! Ronnie Killen announces plans to open a restaurant in Houston. After years of plans that never quite came to fruition, Killen made it official: He will open a restaurant inside the Houston city limits.

5. Breaking down Alison Cook's list of Houston's top 100 restaurants: winners, losers, and more. Did Houston dining peaked in 2012? Seems that way from this list, opines CultureMap food editor Eric Sandler. 

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