Katherine Whaley Engaged

In a Twister of fate, popular TV personality announces engagement after proposal in Hawaii

Popular TV personality announces engagement after Hawaii proposal

Katherine Whaley Chris Wadley engagement
Katherine Whaley and Chris Wadley announced their engagement. Katherine Whaley/Facebook

A popular television personality will soon be heading down the aisle. KTRK traffic reporter Katherine Whaley announced Monday that she and her boyfriend Chris Wadley are engaged.

Whaley and Wadley met in October 2010 at a Halloween party (he was dressed as the board game Twister.; she was a race car driver) and started dating in early 2011. Four years in, the proposal wasn't exactly a surprise, but Whaley says Wadley made sure to discuss his plans with her parents, Charlotte and Larry Whaley, prior to popping the question. 

 No decision has been reached on whether she will take her soon-to-be husband's name for professional purposes. "But it would be funny if I hyphenate," she says. 

Beyond being a little old fashioned about these things, Wadley had some concerns about distracting from the trip's purpose — they were all in Hawaii celebrating Whaley's parents' 40th anniversary. Thankfully, he received an enthusiastic OK from mom and dad. 

While they were on the beach with Whaley's parents, sister Jenna Beth and her boyfriend Scott Bayer, Wadley got down on one knee to pop the question. Of course, Whaley says she said yes immediately.

The couple haven’t set a date yet, but Whaley says they’re planning a short engagement. “We’re ready to get things moving,” she adds. 

And, she adds, no decision has been reached on whether she will take her soon-to-be husband's name for professional purposes. "But it would be funny if I hyphenate," she says.

At least she won't have to change monograms.

The entire family will remain in Hawaii for another few days, but they'll return to Houston in time to catch country superstar Garth Brooks in concert. Be sure to wish them a hearty congratulations if you spot them in the crowd. 

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