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Wendy Davis rules the web: Why her filibuster matters and where to buy those pink sneakers

Why Wendy Davis filibuster matters & where to buy those pink sneakers

Wendy Davis sure is getting a lot of press these days. The Democratic state senator from Fort Worth made headlines the world over with her 10-hour filibuster to kill the most restrictive abortion bill in America.

Gov. Rick Perry has called a second special session and will attempt to pass a new version of Senate Bill 5 starting July 1. In the meantime, Davis is enjoying near-celebrity status for her feat of physical and mental strength. Can't get enough Wendy? Here's a roundup of her best Internet billing. 

1. A thoroughly annotated history of Wendy Davis' stardom. dissects Davis' rise to fame with no less than 28 carefully traced sources. Respect.

2. Why an abortion filibuster in Texas mattersRolling Stone has a great piece on the proof in Davis' pudding. As reporter Jessica Mason Pielko puts it, "The right wing is targeting states like Texas for a reason," but they've seriously miscalculated the political climate on a woman's right to choose.

3. Wendy Davis earns title as the LeBron James of filibustering. Wikipedia don't lie, folks. 

4. Wendy Davis takes over Game of Thrones, Kill Bill and Friday Night Lights. Buzzfeed catalogues Davis' best meme treatment, including a mash-up with Hillary Clinton.  

5.  Buy your abortion filibuster sneakers here. Those pink Mizuno Wave Rider shoes are probably going to need another product run soon. And Davis might be looking at an endorsement deal. 

6. Could Davis lose her Senate seat? The Supreme Court's decision on the Voting Rights Act could have serious consequences for Davis, who was elected with strong support from minority voters. Of course, Davis might be destined for a different elected office in 2014.

Wendy Davis as Dragon Lady from Game of Thrones
Wendy Davis should totally have a cameo on Game of Thrones.