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Meet Dyna and Tinkerbell, the darling duo, CultureMap's pets of the week

Meet Dyna and Tinkerbell, CultureMap's adorable pets of the week

Pet of the week - Tinkerbell puppy
The tiny and adorable Tinkerbell. Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection
Pet of the week - Dyna puppy
The darling Dyna. Photo courtesy of Citizens for Animal Protection
Pet of the week - Tinkerbell puppy
Pet of the week - Dyna puppy

Names: We have a rare two-fer this week: Dyna and Tinkerbell. Dyna, as in Harley-Davidson's Dyna Super Glide motorcycle, and Tinkerbell as in Peter Pan's pixie.  "Tink"ater became a symbol of all Walt Disney TV shows and theme parks. Tinkerbell also was the name of Paris Hilton's beloved pooch — but let's not hold that against this week's pet of the week. These dogs have actual talent.

Here's the thing: feel free to change Dyna and Tinkerbell's names. If fact, I may put it in their adoption papers.  

Birthdates: Dyna and Tinkerbell were born on February 1, 2019, so they're barely out of their puppy year. 

Ethnicity: Dyna is a standard smooth-haired Dachshund with a dash of Retriever in the DNA. She weighs a strong 37 pounds. Tinkerbell is a standard smooth-haired Australian cattle dog, who weighs a trim 29 pounds. They may or may not be sisters. Surprisingly, we don't have birth certificates and reports from Ancestry.com on these pups.

Just a suggestion, there are better names for them. How about Schotzie and Schultzie? Just don't make them go through life burdened with the names Dyna and Tinkerbell. That's how you wind up needy. 

Here's their deal. Our former owner turned us in because he was transferred in the military. The girls are real sweethearts and would love to be adopted as a duo — for one low price. They're super attached to each other. The folks here at Citizens for Animal Protection say they're lovely, calm sweethearts. They're moderately active, and like playing doggie games.

One thing, they are a little frightened of riding in cars, so you'll need to work with them on that. They are learning how to walk on a leash, but won't run off if you let go. They've very obedient and affectionate. They will stand at the door and bark to get your attention when they need to go out. They are good watch dogs. They're favorite thing is to hang out with the family and watch TV or go or a walk. They're very social and will like to get to know your neighbors and pets. 

Come and get me: A reminder: The Citizens for Animal Protection shelter is closed to the public. So if you want to adopt these two cuties, drop an email to adoptions@cap4pets.org and they'll set up a time for you to meet the pups. The dogs are spayed and checked out by a licensed vet, so they're good to go. 

One last comment: I have the strength of 10 men and the testicular fortitude of Bigfoot, but I'm starting to lose my mind over this quarantine. I've watched every episode of The Office 10 times. Not to be a political, wonk, but I'm okay with wearing a face mask when I'm in public a while longer.

This isn't Big Brother. This is science and medicine's best advice. For my sake, and your heath and everybody's well being, please do the same. I feel like the whole world has a restraining order against me. It's just another month or two. And then … the party is at my place. 


Meet the lovable pets at Citizens for Animal Protection online.