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Houston diet expert launches new program promising 100 percent success

Houston diet expert launches program promising 100 percent success

Jennifer Jones Houston diet
Jennifer Jones promises a perfect score when it comes to her wellness success regimen.  Photo by Taylor M. Hayden

Each new year, Americans dutifully start January diets to kick off wellness. Indeed, weight loss industry numbers reveal that 73 percent of men in the United States are overweight, compared to 63 percent of women.

But do diets work? Sometimes, but many diet fads don’t last past a year, some research indicates.

With that in mind, a Houston wellness company seeks to shift the traditional weight loss paradigm to a more holistic, long-term approach — one that boasts a 100-percent success rate.

Local Certified Integrative Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, executive wellness coach, speaker, and author Jennifer Jones has launched a new program aimed at naturally reducing stress, balancing hormones, and losing weight.

Through her company JENuine Nutrition, Jones is offering The Balanced Eating Blueprint, which Jones says will help Houstonians put the disappointment of another failed diet behind them and ready for a fresh start in 2022.

Those interested can register for her program here.

“Houstonians are struggling the most from confusion about nutrition because they’ve heard so much and a lot of misinformation, the stressors, and self image,” Jones tells CultureMap. Thus, rather than cutting carbs or boosting fats, Jones centers on self image, nutrition, and stress management.

Clients can sign up with virtual training with evening sessions. “It’s all live coaching and you’ll have access to a private client portal,” says Jones.

“Most people are coming from ‘I need to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time,’” she notes. “That’s when different variables come into play like, do you have an illness or an underlying issue that's not causing you to lose weight as quickly as you would like? When you take care of the other components, the weight is going to take care of itself. That’s the motto.”

Jones — a former collegiate athlete — has worked with major companies such as food giant SYSCO, real estate giant Keller Williams, and artist Donkeeboy, who lost 20 pounds in a few weeks with no exercise. Her unorthodox approach has aided clients aged 25 to 70, including doctors, lawyers, creatives, stay-at-home moms, and more.

“We’re not putting the focus on weight loss, but in 10 weeks you can expect a real transformation mentally and physically,” Jones promises. “You can lose 20-plus pounds in 10 weeks. I have a male client that has lost over 100 pounds since he started two years ago. It’s not about just controlling — you can still enjoy the food, but not at the expense of your health.”

So how does Jones promise a 100-percent success rate? That, she says, comes from realigning priorities. “Prioritizing your sleep and yourself is crucial,” she says. “Stop putting yourself on the back burner and yourself last. It really helps you put attention where it needs to be and teaches you that you’re worthy. It’s not selfish, it’s selfless because when you’re run down you don’t have anything to give.”

And, she adds, her program works by taking the pressure off the scales: “It’s a mental and physical transformation with more clarity, better sleep, improved moods, and weight loss. There’s different factors on how I’m measuring clients success without the focus on just the physical. The scale isn’t the end all be all.”

For more information or to register, visit the the Balanced Eating Blueprint site.