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Longtime Houston artist sheds light on darkness of Alzheimer's with new charitable event

Houston artist sheds light on Alzheimer's with new charitable event

And We Fly Landauer Art
"And We Fly" by Caryn and Ruth Landauer, one of the works on sale. Photo courtesy of Caryn Landauer

Tuesday, June 21 holds special significance to many as the summer solstice, which has been dubbed “The Longest Day” as the day on the calendar with the most hours of sunlight and the official start of summer.

But the 21st also marks the day where people across the globe choose to fight the darkness of Alzheimer’s Disease by raising money through a charity of their choice. Here in Houston, longtime artist Caryn Landauer is shedding light on the issue through her art sale appropriately also called The Longest Day on June 21 and Saturday, June 25. On those two days, 25 percent of all sales from her Spring Branch gallery Landauer Art will benefit Alzheimer’s/dementia research.

Landauer is making the entire gallery inventory available for the sale. Items include photography, photo restoration (giclee prints on canvas, metallic canvas, fine art paper, etc.), and original artwork on wood, canvas, or paper. Many of the works are by Landauer and her mother, Ruth, also a longtime artist and volunteer director at Houston Hospice for 30 years.

Customers can also find customizable “The Longest Day” giclee prints and peruse works while enjoying choice bites and wine.

The event is deeply personal for Landauer, whose immediate family and many friends across the globe have been touched by Alzheimer’s. This disease is horrible and heartbreaking,” she tells CultureMap. “Sometimes mothers don’t even remember the person they gave birth to and it’s heartbreaking for the people around the patients.”

Worse for Landauer, who hails from a highly artistic family with a charitable bent, is that she, too, might fall victim to the insidious disease. But, she’s choosing to take action and ultimately, help others. “Alzheimer’s/dementia has directly affected many women in my family,” she says of her desire to raise money, “and I’m hoping that if I get it, there’ll be better medicine or a cure by that time.”


“The Longest Day” runs 9 am to 8 pm Tuesday, June 21 and Saturday, June 25 at Landauer Art, 1511 Bingle Rd Bldg. C-1. For more information, 713-301-7291 or visit Landauer Art online.