• Big Yoga co-owner Nancy Sheridan guides yogis in bridge pose.
    Photo by Sofía van der Dys
  • Big Yoga co-owner Laura Calcaterra guides yogis as they rest in child's pose.
    Photo by Sofía van der Dys
  • Yogis pause in tree pose at Big Yoga's class.
    Photo by Nancy Sheridan
  • Yogis heat it up at a special Big Yoga preview class at the Montrose WholeFoods.
    Photo by Nancy Sheridan
  • The Big Yoga preview class drew a large crowd.
    Photo by Sofía van der Dys

  • Yogis heat it up with a twisting lunge at the Texas Yoga Conference.
  • YogaOne co-owner and Texas Yoga Conference co-founder Roger Rippy leads yogis ina soothing "om" chant.
  • In the lobby after class, yogis sore to new heights using partner poses.
  • A Yoga Conference participant sinks deeper into pigeon pose.
  • Sean Johnson kicks off the Texas Yoga Conference by wowing audiences on Fridaynight.

  • What’s in your refrigerator?
    Photo by Mofty
  • Apples are in season right now in Texas.
    Photo by Joel Luks
  • November will bring broccoli to farmers markets.
    Photo by Peter Barnes
  • City Hall Farmers Market
    Photo by Katya Horner/Slight Clutter Photography