• I’m only wearing glasses because my eyes burn like hell when I try to putcontacts in.
  • Read: I shouted out on the light rail that I’m f***ing awesome, because youcan’t spell awesome without the S-O-W-A.
    Graphic by IcyAero
  • Love Doctor: “You fo real? Fine. I was just helpin you out but Imma leave youalone. You make your mistakes.”

  • Hustler Mondays seemed to center around one thing.
  • “HUSTLER MONDAYS” the flyer read on the front.
    Photo by Katie Sowa
  • The man dressed in really long red shorts and a flat billed cap wasn't talkingabout this kind of "hustling."
  • He returns to his seat to open a box full of CDs. I was unaware people stillmade and/or bought CDs.
    Courtesy Photo

  • My light rail seat mate was like Jack Sparrow, only not handsome. Orinteresting.
  • I was completely tired and did not feel like riding the rail today, but I had noother choice.
  • At this point, I feel like this man looks just like a pirate.
  • Pirate: “Whiskey is the breakfast of champions.”
    "Spirits" by Cassidy Spencer

  • When the train approached, it was covered in a giant red sign reading “STOP.THINK.”, which totally threw this man for a loop.
    Photo by Wendy Siegle/KUHF News
  • By no means am I a metro expert, I’m simply a very observant rider who can tellthe difference between downtown and South Fannin.
  • LostGuy: “So I be headin' to Fiesta and Jack-in-the-Box and Church’s that way?”