• Aeroplane over the sea is one of my favorite albums of all time — and itfinishes on the sublime.
  • The Who have always known how to close.
  • Rain Dogs is Tom Wait' finest moment and he saves the best for last.
  • Want to discover some great unknown music? Check out the Tindersticks andparticularly the wooden-laden come-down on their debut album.

  • Trout Mask Replica isn't an easy listen, but you won't be sorry you took on thechallenge.
  • The Jimi Hendrix Experience is an incredible way to go out.
  • The Replacements had the guts use the Beatles' "Let It Be" album name — anddelivered under that pressure. This is one great third album.
  • Floating in space makes for some surreal music too.

Rock's Big Questions

The best third albums of all time

  • Plastic surgery can be an obsession in music too.
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  • The band's called Morphine. They have a song titled "Cure For Pain." Yes, theyknow a particular brand of medicine.
  • Billy Bragg sings about a nurse's hard life.
  • Hopefully, M.D. Anderson can make Joe Jackson's lament about cancer a thing ofthe past.
  • It's a Songs And The City. Of course, there's a Token Dylan Track.