Wallet-Friendly Travel

These Texas cities are among the most affordable places for a family vacation

Texas cities are among most affordable places for a family vacation

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San Antonio is an affordable vacation spot for families. Courtesy photo

Summer is in full swing, which means vacation is top of mind. And those traveling to a couple Texas destinations have made a wallet-friendly choice. San Antonio and Dallas rank among America's 25 most affordable travel destinations for families.

Personal finance company SmartAsset compiled the list by calculating the overall cost of a three-day, three-night trip for a family of four in the 48 largest American cities. The average costs for hotels, daily car rentals, airfare, and restaurant meals were tallied, and San Antonio ranks No. 11.

A family of four would spend $2,818 on a three-day, three-night stay in San Antonio. That figure factors in round-trip airfare for four at $385 each, two hotel rooms at $124 per night, $18 per restaurant meal (two meals per person each day), and $37 a day for a car. SmartAsset also did the calculations for a single person; the same trip solo would cost $974.

At No. 14, Dallas is slightly pricier. A family of four would spend $2,886 on a three-day, three-night stay in Dallas. Airfare is cheaper — $348 per person — but hotels are $139 a night. A rent car costs $40 a day and a restaurant meal costs $23.

A trip to the home of Disney World is cheaper than escaping to the Lone Star State. Orlando takes the No. 1 spot, with a total cost of $2,439. We should note, however, that the estimate excludes the price of admission to theme parks in the area.  

Two other Florida destinations — Tampa (No. 4) and Fort Lauderdale (No. 5) — land among the five most affordable. Reno, Nevada, and Las Vegas are on Orlando's heels.