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Houston Astros star and Fabergé team up for sparkling soirée

Houston Astros star and Fabergé team up for sparkling soirée

Carlos Correa Daniella Correa Jim Crane Whitney Crane
Jim Crane, Whitney Crane, Daniella Correa, and Carlos Correa. Photo by Quy Tran

What: Fabergé’s soirée with the Correa Family Foundation

Where: Private residence of Ignacio and Isabel Torras

The scoop: The sparkling design house Fabergé recently hosted a fundraiser and soirée in partnership with the Correa Family Foundation. The bejewelled event raised more than $100,000 for the foundation, with Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa making a whopping bid of $55,000 for No. 17 bottle of The Devil’s Keep by Craft Irish Whiskey.

The coveted bottle was subsequently purchased at a record-breaking $60,000 by Astros owner, Jim Crane. Speaking of big sales, Fabergé sold the last two of its 17 dazzling, limited-edition eggs.

The event took place at the home of Ignacio and Isabel Torras, who own the chic BCN Taste & Tradition and the wildly popular MAD restaurants.

Founded by Correa and his family, the Correa Family Foundation provides support to childhood cancer patients and their families. In honor of the collaboration with the Correa foundation, Fabergé has designed a limited-edition Essence Rose Gold Butterfly Surprise Locket.

Correa is considering one of the centerpieces of the Astros as the team builds for the future.

Who: Carlos and Daniella Correa, Jim Crane and Whitney Crane, Harry and Tracy Faulkner, and Luis Roger.