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What's Eric Eating Episode 248

Michelin-starred chef and Beard Award winner dish on their downtown sustainable seafood restaurant

2 star chefs dish on their downtown sustainable seafood restaurant

Golfstrommen Christopher Haatuft Paul Qui
Chefs Christopher Haatuft and Paul Qui are this week's guests. Photo by Kat Ambrose

On this week's episode of "What's Eric Eating," chefs Christopher Haatuft and Paul Qui join CultureMap food editor Eric Sandler to discuss Golfstrommen, the seafood market and restaurant in the Post Market food hall inside the Post Houston development. The conversation begins with Qui, who has won both a season of Top Chef and a James Beard Award, explaining how he became connected to Haatuft, who recently earned a Michelin star at Lysverket, his flagship seafood restaurant in Bergen, Norway.

From there, the conversation turns to Golfstrommen. Haatuft explains how he's blended his focus on sustainability with serving food that will customers will pay for. Even as it continues to evolve, the restaurant has already earned considerable praise from both diners and critics. Haatuft sees a bright future. 

"I think an important thing to note is we opened with our money, with zero investors. We are building it as we go," he says. "That's very similar to how I normally open a restaurant back home. I'm confident enough in what we do that I never feel that need to have a finished concept in two weeks. I'm confident in starting low and slow and letting it get its own identity and backbone. The restaurant is definitely a lot better than it was when we opened, and that's when we got all that very good press."

Qui, who's overseeing several restaurants in the food hall as well as establishments in Austin, Denver, and Miami, has found his own role in the restaurant's kitchen.

"Where I'm at in my career, this is a nice oasis. Coming to Golfstrommen and checking out what the guys do here, revives my inspiration for wanting to be a chef," he says. "The energy from our talented chefs there — it's me hopping on the line to cook whatever I want to without thinking about anything else and just getting excited about ingredients."

Prior to the interview, Sandler and co-host Michael Fulmer discuss the news of the week. Their topics include: Ben Berg's plans to renovate and relaunch La Table; the opening of CounterCommon Beerworks & Kitchen in Bellaire; and wine shop and bar Reata Cellars opening in the Heights.

In the restaurant of the week segment, they discuss their visit to Georgia James, Chris Shepherd's luxurious steakhouse that just relocated to its new home in the Regent Square mixed-use development. Listen to hear their thoughts on how it compares to Houston's other top steakhouses. 


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