Indika spared

Innovative Montrose Indian restaurant survives after facing imminent shutter

Innovative Montrose Indian restaurant survives after facing shutter

Indika, dining room
Indika will live a little longer. Photo by Shannon O'Hara/Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau

Indika will not be closing June 30. The modern Indian restaurant that's been a staple in Montrose for almost 18 years will continue to operate, owner Mickey Kapoor tells CultureMap.

Initially, Kapoor had planned to transform the restaurant into Bukhara, "a meat lover's paradise" inspired by a region of Uzbekistan along the fabled Silk Road that connected China to the Middle East. However, when he went to apply for the necessary permits to facilitate the name change, he discovered a problem.

"The name change implies a new business, and the entire permitting process has to be followed," Kapoor writes in an email. "New ordinances are being cited, particularly in regard to inadequate parking. Consequently, the inception of Bukhara will have to be deferred to a later date and a different location."

Instead of formally closing Indika and reopening it as Bukhara, the restaurant will operate as normal. The menu will be expanded to include the Silk Road dishes that would have appeared at Bukhara.

Kapoor recruited chef Suraj Kant from India to join Nepalese chef Dipak Aryal in the kitchen. Both chefs have extensive training in how to prepare dishes from Bukhara.

At least for now, diners have a little more time to enjoy Indika staples like crab meat samosas and the cauliflower kofta. Those who might have been intrigued by Bukhara's kebabs and rice pilafs will find them, too.

"This seems to be the best path going forward," Kapoor writes.