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Making Texas vodka work: Trading going blind for a blind tasting

Making Texas vodka work: Trading going blind for a blind tasting

I’ve been advised that the key to success is to do something you love. So when a good friend and I sat down to discuss potential business ideas, we decided that our mutual affection for vodka fit the bill — we would create our very own for the world to enjoy.

While researching the process of how to make vodka, it didn’t take long to uncover a few perils. Not only is home distilling illegal in most states, but consuming an inadequately prepared vodka mixture can make you go blind. Suffice to say, we decided to pass on the fledgling idea. 
I still wanted to explore my affinity for vodka, and I was curious to check out a few offerings from our home state to see if they would appeal to a panel of experts (my friends).

The average price of these bottles is less than the premium brands (Grey Goose Vodka weighs in at $56.45 for 1.75L). And if the Texas vodkas below meet the standards of my picky panel (believe me, they can sniff out a lame vodka from a mile away), why not keep it local? 
The results of our blind tasting are below — the unflavored vodkas were served first, straight-up and chilled. For round two, ice and club soda were added. I must say I was surprised by the outcome; read on to see why.
Dripping Springs Vodka — 1.75 L $27.34
A good showing.

• Straight-up and chilled: 2nd place
Comments: a bit of a bite, good for mixing, tingy aftertaste
• With soda: tied for 1st place
Comments: goes down easy; the most neutral tasting of the three
Hudson Ferus Vodka — 1.75 L $22.88
The overall favorite.

• Straight-up and chilled: 1st place
Comments: no aftertaste, "smooth as a baby’s bottom," and the only one of the three that can stand alone
• With soda: tied for 1st place
Comments: slight herby flavor, very smooth
Tito’s Handmade Vodka — 1.75 L $28.41
Won’t make you go blind, but…

• Straight-up and chilled: 3rd place
Comments: strong alcohol smell, a tad harsh, Jell-O shot material
• With soda: last place
Comments: good for a frat party, strong mineral flavor

News_Marcy de Luna_vodka_Dripping Springs
Dripping Springs Vodka was smooth chilled and straight-up.
News_Marcy de Luna_vodka_Hudson Ferus
Hudson Ferus Vodka, made from corn, has no aftertaste and is smooth as a baby's bottom.
News_Marcy de Luna_vodka_Tito's_handmade vodka
Tito's handmade vodka from the Mockingbird Distillery in Austin is suited for Jello shots.