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10 coolest EaDo bars for Houston sports fans to jump on the bandwagon

10 coolest EaDo bars for Houston sports fans to jump on the bandwagon

Chapman and Kirby Houston
Elevate your sports watching game at Chapman and Kirby.  Courtesy photo

Call it the East End, call it EaDo — it's hot and it's growing fast. Houstonians already know Little Woodrow's and Lucky's here, but there are plenty of other cool places to hit if you're coming downtown to catch Rockets-Warriors or the Astros, and you're smart enough to park on the east side of 59. These spots are the perfect place to scream for the Rockets, the Astros, or at your drinking buddy:

Around the Corner
Perhaps my favorite go-to bar, it is basically a house with a bar in it. Great staff, great atmosphere, enough TVs to watch the game and really good pizza. Their steak night on Thursdays is as good as it gets. Really good option if you want a nice place to chill and watch the game. In the same complex as Leeland House, a new breakfast lunch place that is really good as well. 1510 Hutchins St.

Recently opened, this is a really strong addition to the area. Food is limited, but the drink selection is through the roof, they have a great drink selection, monstrous patio, and quality service. And a ferris wheel. Really. 2118 Lamar St.

East End Hardware
A true neighborhood bar with limited TVs, but they have a projection screen and if you want to catch the games, they will take care of you. Known for their alcohol-infused sno-cones, this place is a really cool hangout. 3005 Leeland St.  

Rodeo Goat
The burgers are awesome and there are a LOT of choices. They also have really good craft beer and an attentive staff, especially if you are sitting at the bar. Which you will want to do if you are watching the games. 2105 Dallas St. 

Neil's Bahr
You won't go here to watch games — you go here to play them. And hang out in a really cool eclectic place. You can play ping pong or MarioKart or watch The Simpsons. A nice after game chill place. 2006 Walker St. 

The New Potato
If you haven't tried this place, you are missing out. Pet friendly, lots of craft beers, good atmosphere, lots of good food trucks. Worth your time. 3519 Clinton Dr.

8th Wonder Brewery
Pretty much the gold standard for the area. A staple in East Downtown, the brewery has embraced Houston's sports teams like no other, and has become a go-to pregame place for Astros and Rockets. And they just opened a vodka/gin distillery across the street. A must-visit if you're in the area. 2202 Dallas St.

The Secret Group
A comedy club (and a good one) they have something happening every night. Good place to stop by after the game and catch an act or a good drink. 2101 Polk St.

Chapman and Kirby
Slightly upscale, but a really nice bar with excellent food and plenty of places to watch the games. Expansive outdoor area as well. 2118 Lamar St.

Moon Tower
This is a really eclectic place with great food, as long as you are willing to wait for it. Good beer selection, too. Not a great watch place — but a good pregame place. 3004 Canal St.


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