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Smash ice cream doughnut shop from Miami bringing cool spot to Houston area

Smash ice cream doughnut shop from Miami bringing cool spot to Houston

Yonutz smash ice cream doughnuts
Yonutz will open in Pearland later this year. Courtesy of Yonutz

A Miami-based dessert shop is bringing its ice cream-stuffed smashed doughnuts to the Houston area. Yonutz will open its first store in Pearland Town Center later this year, the company announced.

Consider the signature Nutella Crunch Smash Donut that's cut in half, filled with cookie dough ice cream, heated in a waffle iron-style griddle, and topped with Oreos, cereal crunch, and Nutella drizzle. It's a hot and cold taste experience that's won awards at the annual Dessert Wars competition and attracted an investment from former Shank Tank cast member Kevin Harrington, according to a release.

With Harrington on board, co-founders Jennifer and Tony Bahu have plans to grow Yonutz from its current two locations in Sunrise, Florida lland Las Vegas to more than 20 nationwide, including two in the Houston area. To prepare for the expansion, Yonutz has updated its branding and will equip stores with Instagrammable elements such as neon signs and custom murals.

“Our goal with this rebrand and franchising is to expand upon the fun and innovative Yonutz brand,” Tony Bahu said in a statement. “With our elaborate desserts, immersive ambiance, colorful packaging and outstanding customer service, we will continue to provide a fantastical experience to dessert lovers everywhere and allow fans all over the United States to partake in the Yonutz experience.”

Smashed doughnuts are at the heart of the Yonutz experience, but the menu also includes conventional, non-ice cream filled doughnuts as well as milkshakes. A "secret menu" — available to anyone who joins the company's free VIP club — offers even more choices. 

“By creating such an innovative and immersive experience, guests from all over the country will finally get to indulge in our one-of-a-kind products, like the Smash Donut, that truly sets us apart,” added Jennifer Bahu. “We are so thrilled to be able to share our excitement and fantastical desserts with new customers.”