Best Breakfast Ever

Best breakfast ever? This Houston restaurant's square dish just may qualify

Best breakfast ever? This Houston restaurant's square dish qualifies

Blacksmith Coffee scratch square biscuit with egg and sausage
Photo by Whitney Radley

When Blacksmith opened earlier this year, the coffee shop had a number of factors working in its favor: Real estate on the ever-improving stretch of Lower Westheimer, in the former home of a beloved Montrose bar. Backing from an all-star lineup by the likes of Bobby Heugel and Underbelly chef Chris Shepherd, plus know-how from David Buehrer and Ecky Prabanto of Greenway Coffee

Add the culinary expertise of young chef Erin Smith and you've got a match made in heaven — and a damned good scratch square biscuit. 

Have you tried this biscuit? While it's delicious and affordable with a side of crème fraîche and homemade marmalade ($4), if you wake up with growling stomach, then the sandwich version ($7) is the only thing that will suffice.

 The dish's perfection lies in its simplicity.  

Imagine: A crumbly, buttery biscuit stacked with a perfect sunny-side-up, fresh-from-the-farm egg and a subtly spicy butcher's sausage patty, set off by a slab of sharp cheddar cheese. The dish's perfection lies in its simplicity. 

I recommend that you center the top portion of the biscuit, press firmly to break the yolk, then attack with a fork until it is of manageable size to eat with your hands, sandwich-style. Enjoy with an iced coffee on the sunny patio, or belly up to one of the many counters for prime people-watching.