Getting Brassy in Memorial

Memorial-area restaurant debuts upscale reboot with full service, cocktails, and more

Memorial restaurant debuts upscale reboot with full service, cocktails

White Elm Brasserie charcuterie board
White Elm's new menu includes a charcuterie board. Photo by Chico Ramirez

A Memorial-area restaurant has rebooted with a new name and a more upscale approach. White Elm Cafe Bakery is now called White Elm Brasserie.

The differences between a "cafe bakery" and a "brasserie" affect the way diners experience the restaurant in multiple ways. Most importantly, White Elm, which opened in the summer of 2020, has switched from fast casual to full service. In addition, it has added a full mixed beverage program, including cocktails, to its offerings. Thankfully, the in-house pastry program remains available, as do most of the cafe's most popular menu items.

“By evolving White Elm, we are now a complete destination for diners any time of the day,” co-owner Christopher “Chico” Ramirez said in a statement. “Being able to offer guests a full beverage program completes the dream.”

While the name may be tweaked, the ownership remains intact. Ramirez's partners, Chez Nous owners Stacy and Scott Simonson, are responsible for White Elm's menu, which has both French and Mediterranean influences. The restaurant's dinner menu most clearly demonstrates the upscale intent with dishes such as a charcuterie board with duck rillette, prosciutto, walnuts, figs, stilton, brie, truffle honey, and French baguette; La Martinique, branzino filet cooked in banana leaf and coconut curry broth; and Chicken Succotash, roasted chicken breast with succotash of roasted potato, edamame, tomato, corn, yellow squash, and baby arugula.

Breakfast, served weekdays from 7-11 am, features a daily quiche, avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and more. The all-day menu also includes sandwiches, pizzas, and salads. 

Pair them with wine, beer, or the previously mentioned cocktails. Selections include the obligatory espresso martini (made with locally roasted Katz Coffee), a strawberry-basil margarita, and a vodka gimlet riff made with Ketel One Cucumber.

White Elm Brasserie is located at 14079 Memorial Dr. It opens at 7 am Monday-Friday and 8 am on weekends.