Cullen's Closed

Massive Clear Lake restaurant and whiskey bar suddenly shutters

Massive Clear Lake restaurant and whiskey bar suddenly shutters

Cullen's American Grille and Whisk(e)y Bar has served its last meal.  Courtesy of Cullen's Upscale American Grille

For almost 10 years, Cullen’s American Grill and Whisk(e)y Bar has been a staple of Clear Lake-area dining. The massive space, capable of housing multiple concepts including a casual Italian restaurant and a craft beer bar, hosted many happy occasions for area residents.

However, those days have come to an end. On Wednesday, owners Sandra and Kevin Munz announced that they have sold the Cullen's property to "a group of local medical professionals to repurpose the Cullen’s complex as a healthcare facility." As that work to transform the property begins immediately, the restaurant has served its last meal.

In a statement, they explain that last year's sudden death of general manager Ryan Roberts "prompted Sandra and I to reflect on the brevity and uncertainty of life, and to reexamine every aspect of the work we do and the time we spend together. After hours of discussion and prayer, we have decided to focus on those business endeavors which will most dramatically enhance the quality of our lives and maximize the time we have with our son and daughter, Cullen and Macy."

Diners will remember Cullen's for its incredibly broad selection of whiskey, which was fueled by Roberts's passion for the spirit prior to its current trendiness. In addition, the restaurant fostered a number of careers including former Paul's Kitchen executive chef Paul Lewis, talented pastry chef Johnny Wesley (now at The Union Kitchen Memorial), and others.