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Whataburger issues limited-edition shake in quintessential Texas flavor

Whataburger issues limited-run shake in quintessential Texas flavor

Whataburger shake
It's an iconic flavor. Courtesy photo

Fast-food products don't usually merit their own stories, not even when it's Texas' beloved Whataburger. But their new shake flavor is an exception to the rule.

Whataburger has paired with another Texas icon and issued a Dr Pepper milkshake. Made with vanilla soft-serve and pure Dr Pepper syrup, it has the classic Dr Pepper flavor.

It's available for a limited time, and only in parts of Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. That includes Dallas-Fort Worth, as well as Austin, San Antonio, and Houston — all of the places where CultureMap has offices. All the important places.

They're simultaneously releasing two other milkshake flavors that are not in Dallas-Fort Worth, so this will require travel to get them.

One is a Root Beer Shake, with the flavor and nostalgia of a root beer float. It's available only in West Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. Road trip.

The third flavor is not available in Texas at all. This will require an airplane flight.

It's a Salted Caramel Shake with a rich, creamy caramel flavor and a hint of salt, for a balance of salty and sweet. The salted caramel shake is a return product that's back by popular demand, and is available only in Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana.

They've also brought back the Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwich, first introduced in 2015, and now back as an All-Time Favorite. It has three crispy all-white meat chicken strips, two slices of Monterey Jack cheese, creamy buttermilk ranch dressing, and Whataburger's Buffalo Sauce, served on a toasted five-inch bun. It's available at all locations.