La Macro rolls on

Taco truck rolls into new home in The Heights with trompo and snow cones

Taco truck rolls into new Heights home with trompo and snow cones

Saul Obregon La Macro new location
Saul Obregon at La Macro's new home. Photo by @MarcoFromHouston
Saul Obregon La Macro trompo
La Macro's famous trompo taco. Photo by @MarcoFromHouston
Saul Obregon La Macro trompo taco
Saul Obregon slicing his signature trompo meat. Photo by @MarcoFromHouston
Saul Obregon La Macro new location
Saul Obregon La Macro trompo
Saul Obregon La Macro trompo taco

Trompo fans of Houston, rejoice. La Macro has a new home.

Beginning this week, the popular food truck will bring its signature, spit-roasted pork tacos and decadent burgers to the former Mam’s House of Ice location at 1040 West Cavalcade St., owner Saul Obregon tells CultureMap. In addition to serving his familiar menu of tacos and burgers from the truck, Obregon will utilize the Mam’s kiosk to serve snow cones, ice cream, candy apples, and elotes.

Moving into The Heights represents a fresh start for the truck. A brick and mortar location on the north side closed in 2014, and an attempt at relaunching La Macro as a bar on Washington Ave. shuttered almost as quickly as it opened in 2016. For the last three years, Obregon has had a steady gig at the Raven Tower, but the bar setting wasn’t always an ideal fit for the truck's customers.

“[I’m excited about] having my own place where people can dine in and get the full experience without having to buy alcohol,” Obregon says. “We have a lot of families that come to see us.”

Obregon concedes that he doesn’t have much experience in the snow cone business, but his friend Rene Ramirez does. Together, they plan to develop a new range of syrups that restore the frozen treats to the acclaim they earned when Mam’s original owners Mary Ann McBee and Ariana Espinoza opened their first trailer on 20th Street.

“We’re going to upgrade with fresh fruit and ice cream,” Obregon says. “We’re going to have candy-covered apples. Obviously, there’s going to be some items we’re going to have to rename; hopefully, our followers can help us come up with names.”

Currently, Obregon plans to be open for lunch and dinner from 10:30 am until 8 pm, but the hours will extend once summertime brings an increased demand for snow cones. Breakfast could be a possibility if customers show interest; for now, he’ll offer a few breakfast tacos on the truck to gauge demand. Having the ability to store additional ingredients in the kitchen means the menu could expand over time.

La Macro did well enough at the Raven Tower that Obregon would still like to be there for larger concerts on the White Oak Music Hall lawn. Still, the time had come to get back into his own space. With a prime location and the ability to offer both entrees and desserts, La Macro looks to be on the road to success.