the ferrari of hot pot restaurants

Acclaimed Chinese hot pot soup shop stirs up first Houston-area location

Acclaimed Chinese hot pot soup shop stirs up first Houston location

Haidilao hot pot restaurant
HaiDiLao offers a wide range of hot pot options. Haidilao

The "Ferrari of hot pot restaurants" is coming to Katy. HaiDiLao, a China-based restaurant with over 600 locations globally, will open in the Katy Grand development next year, real estate development firm NewQuest Properties announced.

The restaurant will occupy approximately 6,300 square feet in a new building on the property. Tim Ho Wan, a Hong Kong-based dim sum restaurant with a Michelin star, will open in an adjacent building later this year. 

HaiDiLao earned its nickname from former LA Times critic Jonathan Gold, who reviewed the restaurant in 2014. Even more than its food, the restaurant is known for its service. Diners may receive a hand massage while they wait for a table or be given plastic covers to shield their phones from broth.

The menu is extensive with multiple choices for different broths and sauces to create each individual bowl. A wide range of meat — including wagyu beef — seafood, and vegetables are available. 

"Noodle dancers" make hand-pulled noodles tableside. Watch the clip below to see the performance in action.

Already operating in California and New York, HaiDiLao will add locations in Seattle later this year. The Katy location will be its first Texas outpost. 

"HaiDiLao and the soon-to-open Michelin-rated Tim Ho Wan will solidify Katy Grand's reputation as a foodie destination in Houston and statewide," Heather Nguyen, development partner for NewQuest, said in a statement. 'We are strongly committed to attracting the 'best of the best' global cuisines for Katy Grand."