The Real Deal in Deep-Dish Pizza

Heights gelato shop partners with top Chicago pizzeria to import authentic deep-dish delights

Authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza coming to the Heights

Gelazzi Connie's pizza
Chicago-style deep dish comes to The Heights starting Saturday. Courtesy photo

The Heights has emerged as Houston's hottest neighborhood for dining. Every month, new restaurants like Southern Goods and Hunky Dory add new options to established favorites like Glass Wall and Liberty Kitchen with many more on the way. 

For all the diversity, the neighborhood lacks much in the way of pizza options — although the additions of Cane Rosso and Mellow Mushroom later this year will help — but an unexpected contender announced Friday that it's entering the market. On Saturday, popular gelato shop Gelazzi will begin serving Chicago-style pizza from Windy City favorite Connie's

Tabbed as one of Eater Chicago's 25 most iconic pizzerias in 2014, Connie's has been in business since 1963. Gelazzi will serve three styles of Connie's signature crusts: deep-dish pan, which is almost two inches deep; the stuffed, which is baked like a pie then layered with sauce, cheese and toppings; and thin crust. Pizza will be served daily starting at 4:30 pm until the dough runs out, and diners have the option of BYOB for wine or beer to accompany their pies.

"Everything is coming from Chicago, and I put it together here," Gelazzi owner and Chicago native Louie Comella tells CultureMap. The dough he receives is even made with Chicago water, which means it should taste as authentic as possible. Comella estimates he has enough capacity to serve approximately 150 pizzas per day. 

Although the pizzas make their fulltime debut on Saturday, the response to a few test batches has been positive. "I have yet to have anybody spit it out and go running," Comella says with a laugh.