Houston Turns To Film

Houston is one of fastest-growing cities in corporate video production

Houston is one of fastest growing cities in corporate video production

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Houston ranks as the third fastest-growing city in the nation in video content production, according to a new survey. Houston Public Media

Move over, New York and Los Angeles. There are new hotspots for filmmaking in the nation — including Houston. ProductionHub released a list of the five fastest-rising cities in corporate video production — a part of the filmmaking industry that has been on the rise —and the Bayou City comes in at No. 3.

Corporate video production is a way for content creators to “work directly with brands and agencies to bring their storytelling and video production talents to a much broader audience,” according to ProductionHub, a global network of local crew and vendors that matches open jobs and positions with a pool of vetted talent.

So what puts Houston on the list?

“Many production companies that had traditionally placed all their eggs in the Hollywood or New York City baskets are now exploring the possibilities for shooting pilots and films in other, very appealing, markets such as Houston. Available labor, talented production professionals, government incentives and a less-crowded marketplace have become very attractive to movie and TV producers, as you might expect,” says spokeswoman Lauren Leetun in an email.

“Houston’s corporate landscape is varied and seemingly booming, especially real estate. While we aren’t necessarily sure of the incentives being offered in Houston/Texas for tech enterprises, it appears—based on the data we have—that several tech companies are exploring more video production opportunities.”

Other major areas turning to video production as a marketing strategy are sports, automotive, live events (religious and musical), and the entertainment industry (TV pilots and indie films).

Atlanta leads the list, followed by San Francisco, Houston, Orlando and Baltimore.