What is this thing called love?

Its time to redeem the Texas Bachelor

Its time to redeem the Texas Bachelor

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Jake Pavelka the newest Bachelor

The Bachelor Jake Pavelka —  last year's most beloved and broken-hearted suitor on The Bachelorette — returns to "find love" in a season all his own, beginning tonight (Channel 13, 7 p.m.).

Finding love seems to happen every week on this show, so he's in luck. The real problem will be finding something that lasts beyond the six-week fairy tale.

So far, not a single bachelor has made it to the altar. In fact, after 13 seasons, only 2 couples remain together. Not very good odds at all.

But Jake is different from the rest.

First of all, he's a pilot. With the economy the way it is, he definitely won't attract women in search of millions.

Second, he's a gentleman. After being booted by Jillian on The Bachelorette, he flew all the way to San Antonio to tell her one of the remaining suitors already had a girlfriend. Talk about chivalry.

Finally, and most importantly, he's a true Texan. Past seasons have not shone well on Texan men. Hands down, Brad Womack was the worst bachelor of all time and, unfortunately, is from Austin, where he owns a bar. But there's a significant difference here — Jake grew up in Texas and Brad only moved here (from Georgia nonetheless) when he was 12. I hear the first 12 years of life are the most formative.

And this makes Jake a truer representation of Texas and the right one to set the record straight. Its a shame he's not from Houston, but we'll overlook that for this season.