Watch Out for the Big Balls

Wipeout just like they do on TV with crazy Houston obstacle course: Watch out for the wrecking ball!

Wipeout just like they do on TV with crazy Houston obstacle course

Wipeout Run 5k
The Wipeout Run at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown on March 28, 2015, will have participants contending with numerous big ball-themed obstacles. Photo courtesy of Wipeout Run 5k

If you've ever wanted to take a crack at the crazy obstacle courses on ABC's Wipeout​, you'll soon be able to experience the next best thing: Wipeout Run 5k, coming to Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown on March 28, 2015.

The event, which is similar to the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge that was held recently in Austin and other cities, will have its first official stop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area on March 21. The event has eight other scheduled stops around the United States in 2015 and a number of dates at cities, including Austin, to be determined.

The big difference between the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge and the Wipeout Run is that Endemol North America, which produces the TV series, has given its official approval for the tie-in, allowing organizers to use obstacles like the show's patented Big Balls, Sweeper Arms and Wrecking Balls.

As you could imagine, with the potential for pratfalls all over the course, the event is not really aimed at dedicated runners. Instead, it is an untimed event open to anyone 18 and over who's willing to get the snot knocked out them by the various obstacles.

Registration for the event is now open, starting at $59 through Jan. 9. If you think this might be your thing at all, it's best to sign up early, as prices increase every month or so, ending up at $89 on race day.