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New winter music and arts festival boasts killer concert lineup: 5 entertainers we don't want to miss

New music fest boasts killer concert lineup: 5 don't-miss entertainers

Kendrick Lamar for Day For Night
Kendrick Lamar.
New Order Day for Night photo 2015
New Order.
Philip Glass Ensemble at Day For Night promo
Philip Glass Ensemble. Day For Night
Death Grips for Day For Night
Death Grips.
Kendrick Lamar for Day For Night
New Order Day for Night photo 2015
Philip Glass Ensemble at Day For Night promo
Death Grips for Day For Night
Dan Deacon for Day For Night promo

Free Press Houston — known for organizing the massive annual music event, Free Press Summer Fest — has announced an incredible lineup for this winter's Day For Night, a two-day experiential art and music festival featuring superstar acts on par with those at the summer event.

With headliners ranging from hip-hop sensation Kendrick Lamar and '80s rockers New Order to minimalist composer Philip Glass and R&B star Janelle Monáe, the event, which takes place in and around Silver Street Studios on December 19 and 20, is sure to rock Houstonians' expectations of future music festivals.

Not only will Day For Night feature world-class musicians, but also leaders in various disciplines of digital art. The festival environment will be specifically designed around merging technology and sound and the way audiences experience them together.

Although the entire lineup is  astounding, here's a breakdown of a few of the can't-miss artists:

Kendrick Lamar

Hailing from Compton, 28-year-old Kendrick Lamar has risen to become a hip-hop superstar in just the last few years. His major-label album debut in 2012 with good kid, m.A.A.d city propelled Lamar to stardom, giving him three Top 40 tracks, including "Swimming Pools (Drank)," "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" and "Poetic Justice."

In March, Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly debuted atop the U.S. Billboard 200 chart and established Spotify's global first-day streaming record with 9.6 million listens. Stunners like "King Kunta" and "Alright" showcase his talents for writing and delivery. 

New Order

New Order's appearance at Day For Night is beyond significant as the famed English rockers haven't performed in Houston since playing at the Southern Star Amphitheater at AstroWorld on April 21, 1989. Formed in 1980, the group consists of the surviving members of legendary band Joy Division — Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris — as well as Gillian Gilbert, Phil Cunningham and Tom Chapman.

With immediately recognizable 80s hits like "Blue Monday," "Bizzare Love Triangle" and "Age of Consent" — as well as their latest album, Music Complete, released just last month — this promises to be one of the best performances in Houston this year.

Philip Glass Ensemble

While the festival features renowned artists of many genres, the inclusion of Philip Glass and his ensemble is perhaps the most welcome surprise of all. One of the most influential musicians and composers of the late 20th century and known for his signature minimal, repetitive stylings, Glass will perform on keyboard with his namesake ensemble that he founded in 1968.

He is widely recognized for his film scores, including Academy Award-nominated compositions for Kundun, The Hours and Notes on a Scandal

Death Grips

This experimental hip-hop group from Sacramento has had its fair share of ups and downs — including a temporary disbandment and canceled concert tours — but has managed to soldier on and continue to produce music unlike any other. After garnering attention for the 2012 album The Money Store, which includes popular tracks like "I've Seen Footage" and "Get Got," Death Grips has become notorious for noisy, bass-heavy tracks that feature lyrics with spitfire delivery.

Their album Fashion Week was released in January and Jenny Death dropped on YouTube in March, leading fans to believe the group is certainly poised to continue their upward trajectory. With wild live performances that are often known to include the destruction of instruments, it is one the most anticipated Day For Night offerings.

Dan Deacon

As an impressive electronic musician known for frequently incorporating large-scale audience participation in his performances, Dan Deacon is the perfect choice for an experiential festival like this.

Deacon, who came to notoriety with 2007's Spiderman of the Rings, honed his interactive live shows at smaller DIY spaces before launching at large venues. He performs on floor level within the audience with his musical devices set up on a table as he's completely surrounded by the crowd. Deacon even created a smartphone app that synchronizes with the live show, usually used during the song "True Thrush."

With such a wonderful platform for interactive performances, Deacon's performance is one you'll want to catch at Day For Night.

Check out the full lineup for all the musicians and artists performing at the festival.