Pricey Preacher

Rock star preacher: Tickets to Joel Osteen show rival Madonna on resale market

Rock star preacher: Tickets to Joel Osteen show rival Madonna prices

Joel Osteen preaching at Lakewood Church
Some tickets for Joel Osteen's appearances in Brooklyn and Tampa are currently being resold for more than 15 times the original sale price. Lakewood Church/Facebook

Megachurch pastor Joel Osteen is well known for drawing enormous crowds at the 16,000-seat Lakewood Church, and his popularity certainly doesn't stop in Houston.

The pastor — whose sermons are broadcasted and viewed by more than 20 million Americans each month — has two upcoming appearances for "A Night of Hope with Joel Osteen" — one at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on October 16 and another at the Amalie Arena in Tampa on November 13. 

Osteen's immense popularity means that tickets for his appearances are being bought and re-sold at much higher prices. Even though tickets originally sold for $27.40 each, floor seats are listed for more than 15 times the original price on resale ticket websites.

For example, a seat in Row 7 of the floor section directly in front of the stage for his Brooklyn appearance is listed for $629 each on ticket website StubHub. The cheapest available seats in the central floor section for that appearance (on any of the sites with tickets listed for the event) are $312 each.

Tickets for Osteen's appearance in Tampa aren't priced much lower, with central floor seats costing between $600 and $300 each.

In comparison to other major events at the same venues, tickets of a similar proximity to the stage to see Madonna at Barclays Center run around $1,000 each and similar seats to see Janet Jackson at the Amalie Arena will cost around $500 each.

Although the more desirable seats in lower sections are priced very high, seats in upper sections can currently be found for roughly the original price — around $30.