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New Memorial Day scavenger hunt sends you on a wild Houston chase

New Memorial Day scavenger hunt sends you on a wild Houston chase

Social Behavior team Scavenger Hunt ChicknCone
The Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt is brought to you by hip Houston marketers Social Behavior.  Photo courtesy of Social Behavior

If you don't want to get cooped up in the house on Memorial Day, social-media marketing company Social Behavior is ready to send you on a wild goose chase.

The company has got a city-wide Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt planned for Monday, May 25. It will technically begin on its Facebook page, where people who RSVP'd — some 300 so far — can look for five clues that will be posted on Monday morning.  

"We've been very fortunate this, you know, COVID to work with a lot of local businesses and clients that need to get the word out about their business via social media," says Social Behavior owner Karen De Amat (and, yes, she knows that her name is now a slur for privileged white women who complain: "I made a whole meme about it yesterday. I asked to call the manager of 20/20.") "And we've put together this event as a way to give back to the community and get people excited about getting out of the house this Memorial Day and going on a special hunt for prizes."

These prize bundles, which includes a $100 gift card and a $50 gift card to the new Chick'nCone located in The Heights, will be located in five different parts of the city, including inside the Loop as well as Katy, Cypress, and around the Pasadena area.

Once the prize is found, winners are instructed to take a selfie with the prize and post it on the event page. Says De Amat, "That's how we know, okay, one prize is done. There are only four prizes remaining, and we'll posting through the event to give people updates."

Of course, De Amat and her crew want people to stay safe during this hunt and try their best not to catch COVID-19.

"We put a disclaimer on there that says, you know, this event is scheduled when the stay-at-home order is supposed to be lifted," she says. "We are encouraging that you don't do this with friends — that you do this with just immediate family members — and that, if you are going to do the exercise, you practice social distancing while looking for the prize."


The Memorial Day Scavenger Hunt starts at 11 am on Monday, May 25. For more information, visit MemorialDayHTX.com.